Calling All Artists

Calling All Creative Artists 🎨🎨🎨

Are you an artist and are trying to get, not only more exposure but also more creativity into your artworks??. 

Then look no further as Creativetothekorh is a brand new platform dedicated in building a great creative community for artists!!. 

We plan on building the best creative community for artists on the planet!!. Whether you are an experienced artists or just getting into being creative, we are here to help you bring more exposure as well as meet other creative people pushing your creative skills!!. 

Here are just a few things we have planned: 

Creativetothekorh Itinerary
  1. Create Social Media Accounts – ✅
  2. Get a kick Ass team together!! – ✅
  3. Launch Website – ✅
  4. Start to build the best art community on the planet – in progress/ongoing.
  5. Create engaging events to help encourage creativity (In person & Online)- in progress/ongoing. 
Create An Account & List Your Artworks
Once you have joined as a vendor you will be able to get direct access to your personal online store.  Here is where you can create & list and manage your artworks for sale direct to your customers.
We encourage artists to submit their artworks early as each artwork will be pending approval until reviewed.  Once reviewed and if accepted will be set as live on our website.  Whether your artworks have made approval or not all artworks will be listed on our social media accounts.
Official Art Launch Date – 27th July 2024 – (New Artworks will be launched the start of every month)   
For updates please feel free to join our social networks below:
We look forward on seeing you join our community soon!!.😊 

If you have any questions please feel free to ‘Contact Us

Creativetothekorh© – Team

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